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ricecakestudios's Journal

☆ r.i.c.e.c.a.k.e.s.t.u.d.i.o.s ☆
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☆ the graphics journal of kiki the blackbird, chock full of asiany goodness ☆
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welcome to ricecakestudios, the graphics journal of ricecakestar, also known as KiKi. She hopes you enjoy your stay here, long or short as that may be^^
this graphics journal contains mostly graphics, such as icons, banners, and the like, on good-looking asian boys, mostly the five member Korean acapella group, TVXQ and the thirteen+ member Korean idol group, Super Junior + M. this journal may also contain other various female/male artists and random icons of magazine scans KiKi finds to be interesting^^
.the rules
the rules here are quite simple really.

rule # 1 : no bashing of any artists or other content here. frankly, that's just being mean.

rule # 2 : comments are encouraged and well-appreciated here. I'll accept any constructive criticism thrown my way, but if it borders on flaming, I will simply ignore it and/or use it to roast marshmallows. don't lurk around, speak up and tell me what you think!

see how easy it is?


here are various recent (as of 01-18-09) icons made by KiKi

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

.links and informations
.links to various sites I'm part of and my usenames on those sites

{ sjfullhouse.net } {umma-unnicomplex}
{cassiopeia-family.com} {umma-unnicomplex}
{thirdchapter.org} {mochistar | umma-unnicomplex}
{erosacademy} {mochistar | hyukjae | .camui}
{ff.net} {my current penname is ricecakestar}

{my journal} {kiki the blackbird}
{my fic journal} {kiki the kitty}
{kiki and mickii's art journal} {kiki and mickii}

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